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About us

We are an energy company active in the gas fuel and electricity markets with 100% Polish capital.

We are an energy company active in the gas fuel and electricity markets with 100% Polish capital.


For Customers

To our customers that we offer flexibility and reliability in gas supply. Contact us today for details of an offer that will help make your business more efficient.

To our customers that we offer flexibility and reliability in gas supply.



Develop your potential and achieve success in a dynamic, international company like Respect Energy Fuels.

Develop your potential and achieve success


At Respect Energy Fuels, we trade in gas fuels in Poland and abroad. We are a liquefied natural gas supplier (LNG) and network natural gas. Our company is independent and has 100% Polish capital. We operate in both the wholesale and retail markets. 

What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge and many years of experience on the Polish market, where we have become a renowned leader and a reliable supplier of natural gas. Our offer is addressed to entities interested in using natural gas in technological, heating, production and transport processes. 


Respect Energy Fuels

In our daily activities, we focus on innovative solutions that distinguish us from the competition and provide added value for our clients and business partners. We are involved in the implementation of high-efficiency cogeneration projects. We develop projects related to the construction of natural gas distribution systems. In our activities, we focus on the development of modern technologies while respecting the environment. 

Our headquarters is in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district, and the scale of our operations covers the entire Europe. The international identity of our company is also reflected in the company’s team, which includes people of various nationalities. We are proud of our European identity. 


At Respect Energy Fuels, we have a vision to revolutionize the wholesale energy landscape in Europe, striving for excellence and sustainability, thereby redefining the future of cross-border energy distribution. 

We are starting to create connections in the complex structure of the European energy market, facilitating the smooth flow of natural gas resources across borders. Our global perspective and local expertise enable us to establish strategic partnerships that transcend geographic boundaries. We focus on strong foreign expansion. 


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Our mission is to shape the future of international natural gas trade in Europe. At Respect Energy Fuels, we imagine a world where energy is not just a commodity, but a force for positive change. The development of the energy market in Poland and abroad is not only our mission, but also our passion. We create our own vision of energy. 

What distinguishes us is a global view of the energy market and conscious management of the company so that it meets reality – its future needs and dominant trends. We want to anticipate upcoming changes – not chase them when they already appear. We strongly focus on innovation, invention and sustainable development. 


Our customers

Focusing on building lasting relationships with clients is our key to success. This means not only acquiring new customers, but also taking care of those who already use our company’s services. Regular contact, tracking their needs and expectations, as well as adapting solutions to their changing needs are crucial for us.

We invest in infrastructure to provide our customers with stable and reliable services. And thanks to flexible and personalized offers, we build lasting relationships with them.


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We are an industry leader that quickly responds to new challenges and opportunities.