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Respect Energy Fuels Sp. z o.o.
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Who are we looking for?

Depending on the position and the nature of the work, we are looking for people with various experience, education and personality. Above all, we want the person who joins our team to have a similar approach to work and share the same values. 


We support employee initiatives and their development. We are committed to what we do every day, and we expect the same from you. Perfect cooperation is crucial for us. We value building relationships based on openness and mutual respect, as well as a partnership approach to relationships with others.  

If you are open to people, creative, willing to share your knowledge and experience, and you see difficulties as opportunities to develop your competences, then you fit perfectly into the organizational culture of our company. 


Standards in the recruitment process

We respect candidates.

You will not experience any discriminatory behaviour in the processes we conduct, and we always respect the time you devote to us. 


We make sure that our job offers are specific and clearly formulated.

At the stage of preparing the advertisement, we always try to provide as many details as possible and emphasize our expectations towards the candidates. 


At every stage of the recruitment process, we ensure the efficient flow of information.

We make every effort to ensure that candidates have full knowledge of the stage of the recruitment process in which they are participating at every step. 

A good atmosphere is essential.

During interviews with candidates, we take care of a friendly working atmosphere so that they get rid of unnecessary stress and feel comfortable.  


We are open to contact with candidates.

If you have any additional questions, you can always call or write to us. 

Feedback is a priority for us.

Regardless of whether the decision is positive or negative, we always return to the candidates with feedback. 

How to prepare for recruitment?

  • We encourage you to visit our website and learn about our company. 

  • Before the meeting, check where the interview will take place and plan the appropriate route to arrive on time. 

  • Be prepared to talk about your previous jobs as well as your achievements. Refer to specific examples and situations from your experience. 

  • A conversation with a potential supervisor and recruiter is an opportunity to get to know the company, its culture and atmosphere, and to make sure whether you will feel good there. Don’t be afraid to ask us about things that interest you. 

  • We understand that a job interview can be stressful, but we will make sure you feel comfortable with us.