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Cogeneration - everything you need in one solution

We offer comprehensive management of cogeneration units by providing gas supply and electricity reception services. We also work in business models that are based on investing our own funds in the construction of cogeneration at our clients’ plants. This enables them to take faster actions to improve the efficiency of their businesses. We carry out turnkey projects for the construction and commissioning of a cogeneration engine thanks to an extensive network of subcontracting companies with which we have long-term business relationships.


Comprehensive cogeneration and trigeneration solutions

Operating in a dynamic business world, we realize that energy efficiency and sustainable development are key elements of achieving success. That’s why we offer comprehensive cogeneration and trigeneration solutions that will transform the way you manage energy.

Cogeneration is everything you need in one solution. It is a powerful tool that allows you to simultaneously produce electricity and heat from one energy source.


invest in cogeneration?

High energy efficiency

Our cogeneration solutions achieve an incredible efficiency of up to 85%, which exceeds traditional boilers, providing significant cost savings.

Reduction of emissions

By using the heat generated in the process, cogeneration contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is not only beneficial to the environment, but also compliant with environmental protection regulations.


Additionally, by using our cogeneration solutions, you can benefit from cogeneration/guaranteed bonus payments, which will contribute to financial savings.

Full reliability

Our cogeneration systems guarantee continuity of production even in the event of interruptions in the supply of energy from the grid, which is crucial for your plant.

Heat, electricity and cold energy in one technological process

Trigeneration, as an advanced technology, enables the simultaneous use of various forms of energy, which allows to meet various energy needs . Electricity can be efficiently produced, simultaneously generating heat and cold, which makes our solution not only ecological, but also economical.  

Thanks to this comprehensive approach, trigeneration becomes a key element of sustainable energy infrastructure. We offer not only modern technologies, but also support in optimizing and adapting the system to individual customer needs. We transform energy intelligently and efficiently, opening up new opportunities for savings and sustainable development. 


A comprehensive solution

Trigeneration provides a full range of energy services, so your demand for electricity, heat and cooling is served in one system.

Cost savings

The cold generated in the trigeneration process increases the efficiency of the entire system, ensuring continuous access to waste heat.