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Respect Energy Fuels Sp. z o.o.
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Respect Energy Fuels

In our daily activities, we focus on innovative solutions that distinguish us from the competition and provide added value for our clients and business partners. We are involved in the implementation of high-efficiency cogeneration projects. We develop projects related to the construction of natural gas distribution systems. In our activities, we focus on the development of modern technologies while respecting the environment. 

 Our headquarters is in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district, and the scale of our operations covers the entire Europe. The international identity of our company is also reflected in the company’s team, which includes people of various nationalities. We are proud of our European identity. 


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Company information

Respect Energy Fuels has been running a business since 2004 based on an entry in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw. Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. In 2009, the Energy Regulatory Office granted us a license for trading in gaseous fuels (OPG license) for the period from June 15, 2009, to December 31, 2025 (license no. OPG/170/18551/W/2/2009/BP – license OPG). 


Mission and vision

At Respect Energy Fuels, we have a vision to revolutionize the wholesale energy landscape in Europe, striving for excellence and sustainability, thereby redefining the future of cross-border energy distribution. 

We are starting to create connections in the complex structure of the European energy market, facilitating the smooth flow of natural gas resources across borders. Our global perspective and local expertise enable us to establish strategic partnerships that transcend geographic boundaries. We focus on strong foreign expansion. 


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Products and services

At Respect Energy Fuels, we specialize in the supply of gaseous fuels (LNG, CNG, network gas) to industrial customers, energy producers, production plants, local governments and transport companies. We offer comprehensive project support, from concept to implementation, as well as services in areas such as:

  • supply of network gas to end users, 

  • LNG deliveries to end customers for regasification,

  • deliveries of LNG and CNG to end customers for use as fuel for vehicles such as tractors, buses, etc.,

  • management of high-efficiency gas cogeneration projects. 

Since 2019, we have been actively involved in the sale of LNG and network gas. 


Respect Energy Fuels is:

A Reliable Company

Respect Energy Fuels operates on the wholesale market as a member of the Commodity Clearing House and the Polish Power Exchange.

Industry Leader

One of the most important players in the market for the supply of alternative fuels for transport, which is of key importance for the development of the LNG market in Poland

Partner For The Industry

It supplies fuel to customers who do not have access to transmission and distribution infrastructure, the so-called LNG regasification.

Wholesale And Retail

It wholesales gas fuel and, in cooperation with Respect Energy, develops sales structures in the retail segment.


It is involved in the implementation of high-efficiency cogeneration projects.


It develops projects related to the construction of natural gas distribution systems.

Range of activities

At Respect Energy Fuels, we offer sales and deliveries of LNG and network gas – based on sales contracts, comprehensive contracts and property rights arising from certificates of origin – mainly to entities supplying gas to end users. We also trade in natural gas on the wholesale market (currently on the Polish Power Exchange). 

We sell our products to industrial customers, energy producers, production plants, local government units and transport companies. We are also involved in the development of broadly understood gas trading activities. 

Our company, Respect Energy Fuels, is a party to agreements that provide us with market access necessary to conduct our licensed activities. 


We guarantee

Stability and certainty

Fixed rate for natural gas throughout the duration of the contract

Electronic invoice

Practical and convenient, which saves time and increases the security of stored documents

Minimum formalities

A simple process of changing the Seller carried out entirely by our team

Calculation based on consumption

The offer is calculated based on the current daily and hourly consumption, so that it is as attractive as possible and tailored to the needs

Supervisory Board of Respect Energy Fuels

Sebastian Jabłoński

A Trader, entrepreneur, investor. Experts in ​​wholesale energy and gas trading. 


Dariusz Bliźniak

An Expert in commodity exchanges and risk management. 


Arkadiusz Domińczak

Legal Counsel. An expert in the field of commercial company law, civil law, public procurement law, energy law, as well as in the field of trade in goods.