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The Retail Trade

Our natural gas retail offering extends beyond mere product delivery to include a holistic approach to customer service. We prioritize safety and strive to forge enduring relationships founded on trust and professionalism.

With long-term contracts, we guarantee continuity and security of supply. Our customer support encompasses every phase of contract fulfillment—from analyzing gas consumption data and addressing technical issues to adapting our offer to meet individual needs and educating customers on proper use, installation safety, and emergency response.  

We are dedicated to providing innovative, comprehensive solutions that assist enterprises in enhancing their energy efficiency. 


Natural gas, the cornerstone of our offerings, is a natural, clean fossil fuel primarily composed of methane (typically over 90%). Its composition directly influences its calorific value, meaning the greater the methane content, the higher its energy efficiency. Utilized in a variety of applications, natural gas serves as an energy source in technological, production, and chemical processes, as well as a heating solution in residential and industrial settings.

Transported and distributed via gas pipelines or through the use of cryogenic tankers after cooling and liquefaction (LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas), natural gas emits significantly fewer pollutants compared to traditional fuels like coal, making it an eco-friendly option. In an era focused on ecology and sustainable development, the versatility and importance of natural gas as an energy raw material are increasingly recognized.


Our Offer

We supply our retail customers with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and network natural gas, in addition to handling its trading.  

Our products and services leverage innovation, modern technologies, and forward-thinking development concepts to meet the individual needs and expectations of our clients. This personalized approach is evident in the transactions we facilitate, offering natural gas trading based on the Polish spot market for immediate settlements and the Polish futures market for deferred transactions based on forward pricing. 


Why Us?

Our deep knowledge and extensive experience in the gas industry empower us to effectively support our clients in their pursuit of sustainable development and in reducing business costs.

What Makes Us Stand Out? 


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